School Fees

Fees Structure

Tution Fees

GradeTerm 1
(Sept- Dec)
Term 2
(Jan - Mar)
Term 3
(Apr - Jun)
Year 1/KG24,3004,3004,09012,690315
Year 2/GR-014,3004,3004,09012,690360
Year 3/GR-024,3004,3004,09012,690360
Year 4/GR-035,7005,7005,63017,030360
Year 5/GR-045,7005,7005,63017,030360
Year 6/GR-055,7005,7005,63017,030410
Year 7/GR-066,7006,7006,44019,840410
Year 8/GR-076,7006,7006,44019,840410
Year 9/GR-086,7006,7006,44019,840450
Year 10/GR-098,5008,5008,44025,440450
Year 11/GR-108,5008,5008,36025,360450
Year 12/GR-118,5008,5008,36025,360450
Year 13/GR-128,5008,5008,36025,360450

Transport Fees

Term 1
(Sept- Dec)
Term 2
(Jan - Mar)
Term 3
(Apr - Jun)
School fees policy

We strive to simplify our payment process by offering a variety of uncomplicated payment options and presenting a transparent and concise fee structure. All the information regarding our fees and payment procedures can be found here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us; we’re here to help.

Telephone: +971-225523700

Email:[email protected]

Payment Policies

The tuition fees are due prior to the start of the academic year and payable in advance of attendance, at the start of each term. Tuition fees will be invoiced from the time of admission to ensure that payments can be processed before the start of the term. Please note, all tuition fees are in accordance with the fee structure established by Creative British School under the guidance of ADEK established School Fee Framework.


Fee for New Admissions

For new admissions, a fee equivalent to 5% of the Annual tuition fees will be due upon acceptance of the Offer Letter and confirmation of enrolment in the applicable academic year. This fee is non-refundable/non-transferable but adjustable against the first term tuition fee once the student joins the school.



To guarantee a spot for the upcoming academic year, parents must submit a non-refundable and non-transferrable re-enrollment fee, equivalent to 5% of the next academic year’s fees. This fee can be adjusted against the first term fees for the same student. It’s important to be aware that students who cannot be registered with ADEK due to missing necessary documentation or those with outstanding fee balances will not be eligible for re-enrollment in the next academic year.


Fees Payment due dates

Tuition fee invoices are sent to the fee sponsor on record, prior to the start of the academic year.  Tuition payments can be paid in full, or are due on or before the 15th August for Term 1, 15th December for Term 2, and 15th March for Term 3.

  • Fees can be paid online through the website or through Mobile application.
  • Cash / Credit Card (Master / Visa) payment at the accounts department in the school.
Non-payment of Fees
Failure to pay tuition fees may result in:
  • Loss of the student’s place in the school
  • Withholding of their school reports, references, and/or examination results
  • Temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion from school
Refund Policy

The registration fee remains non-refundable, while paid tuition fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education’s policy. Tuition will be refunded only after the parent or guardian has submitted the request in writing to the school admissions office. Tuition refunds are provided to the original payee.

The calculation of the refund will initiate from either the date when the duly completed student withdrawal form is received by the registration department or the last date of attendance, whichever is later. This process includes the completion of other necessary procedures mandated by ADEK. Regarding the refund, the student will be regarded as attending until the submission date of the duly filled form, as it is imperative to secure the seat until the form is received.


Student Withdrawals

All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the Registrar office.  A thirty (30) day notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready.