CBS Core Values


Commitment refers to our unwavering dedication and loyalty towards all stakeholders, within the Creative British School community. It emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s responsibilities and goals, fostering a sense of reliability and perseverance.


Innovation highlights the school’s commitment to creative thinking, adaptability, and the pursuit of new ideas. It encourages a culture of continuous improvement, pushing boundaries to find novel solutions and approaches to education.

Global Leadership

Global Leadership signifies the school’s aspiration to nurture future leaders with a global perspective. It promotes qualities such as cultural awareness, collaboration on an international scale, and the development of skills necessary for students to become leaders in a rapidly changing global environment.


Respect is a core value that underscores the importance of treating everyone within the school community with dignity and consideration. It fosters an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated, and individuals are valued for their unique perspectives and contributions.


Responsibility emphasizes the school’s commitment to instilling a sense of accountability in its members. It encourages students, staff, and the broader community to take ownership of their actions and contribute positively to the learning environment and the wider world.

These core values collectively form the foundation of Creative British School’s identity and guide the behavior and decision-making of its students, staff and parents, creating a positive and purposeful educational community