Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Creative British School’s emphasis on extracurricular activities is commendable, as these activities indeed play a crucial role in a student’s holistic development. Extracurricular activities are an integral part of a student’s overall growth. They provide a platform for students to explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom. Participating in these activities helps students socialize, understand one another, and collaborate as a team. These skills are vital for personal and professional success.
Extracurricular activities offer a way for students to unwind and relieve stress. Engaging in hobbies and interests can be a healthy way to manage academic pressure. Students can discover their strengths and weaknesses through these activities, allowing them to identify their passions and hobbies. This self-discovery is essential for personal growth. Extracurricular activities provide a practical outlet for applying academic knowledge in real-life situations. This reinforces classroom learning and enhances students’ understanding of the subject matter.
The school’s commitment to offering extracurricular activities as part of the curriculum contributes to a well-rounded education. It fosters various essential skills like leadership, communication, time management, creativity, and organizational abilities. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities, potentially discovering a lifelong hobby or passion. It’s noteworthy that the extracurricular program is not optional but is an integral part of the school curriculum. This underscores the school’s dedication to students’ comprehensive development.
Extracurricular activities are scheduled every Thursday for Secondary students and every Friday for Primary students, ensuring that all students have access to these opportunities.

House system

Creative British School employs a conventional British house system designed to promote teamwork, resilience, and sporting etiquette. It comprises four houses, each named after animals found in the UAE: Athletic Oryx, Flaming Leopard, Free Eagle, and Adventurous Camels.

Each student at CBS is allocated to a house for their entire tenure at the school. Likewise, all school staff members are also assigned to a specific house and remain affiliated with that house throughout their time at CBS. 

Features of the House System

Being a part of a house enhances each student’s sense of identity and belonging and creates a spirit of friendly collaboration and cooperation. This friendly rivalry is given ample opportunity to manifest itself in a wide-range of inter-house competitions and events across year groups, Key Stages and the whole school. A sense of pride and belonging is developed and enhanced through the House system. Fun and friendly competition, across both sporting and academic pursuits, brings out the very best in our children and serves to give every child the opportunity to contribute towards to his or her house, to the school and to the wider community. 

House Points

House points are awarded on a daily basis and any member of staff may award house points. Points are given for: high standards of work, consistent improvement, general helpfulness and manners, consistent positive behavior or sustained effort.

House winners

All House points are recorded weekly and count towards the CBS House Cup at the end of each term. These points are then further accumulated, to provide an overall score at the end of the academic year. The winning house is awarded the House Winning Trophy and the winning house will get a fun trip/movie day as a reward.