Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to provide educational excellence, creating responsible, successful global citizens prepared for the future with moral, ethical and spiritual world values. We aim to in-still in our students the idea that learning is a lifelong process. We understand that modern educational institutes, if they are to be effective, are required to provide students with the 21s t century skills essential to develop as individuals and succeed as part of a demanding global workforce.

We will encourage, support and provide all students with the opportunity to achieve their greatest overall growth potential through the concept of realistic expectations and delivery of a differentiated and inclusive curriculum. We will provide our students with access to the latest internet communication technology, information necessary to allow students to be competitive in the current academic race. The school will provide a safe and nurturing environment, where students, parents and staff members are motivated towards a mutual love of learning and satisfaction with their achievements. 


Creating an ethos where spiritual life and moral values underpin all that we do. Showing loyalty to our peers, students, staff members and our school. Dedication to personal achievement and ownership of our learning and growth. Willingness to work to our full potential and respect for our school’s guidelines, regulations and beliefs.


To develop confidence through accountability, confidence and participation. Considering one’s own and others’ strengths and abilities for growth. To set personal as well as group goals for improvement and to pursue individual and school interests in order to broaden one’s experiences.


To display positive behaviour at all times, valuing all members of the school community and showing respect and pride in our school environment. Displaying tolerance for others’ beliefs, religions and points of views while embracing the UAE culture, environment and traditions.