Pace Group Founder’s Message

Pace Group Founder's Message

My Dear Students,

I am highly pleased to note a few words in the form of a message to you all. Creative British School has just completed a year of operation and as such, obviously, there were occasional difficulties.

Our Directors Mr. Salman Ibrahim and Mr. Aseef Mohammed are working overtime to overcome the hurdles in the field of infrastructure conforming to the requirements as prescribed by Abu Dhabi Educational Council and other governmental bodies. We have a lot of expectations from our students in the form of good discipline, courtesy and affection towards fellow students, respect of the teachers and other functionaries of the school, obedience to the parents and defining your character and behaviour in line with the local Islamic culture and traditions

The leadership of this country are doing great service in helping us to have good education and we should respect their wishes and vision.

To be a good human being is the essence of our education. Be kind to our fellow human beings who are less fortunate and struggling to make a living by offering any possible help or at least speak kind words with a smile on your face. Even such a treatment could be called a service or help if you cannot contribute anything else materially.
I would like to conclude this message with prayers to Almighty for the progress and fair name of our school and health and prosperity to one and all.

Dr. P. A. Ibrahim Haji